Made In Liberia 2021

In December 2020, I did a blog on Made In Liberia products and that blog was widely favorably received by many Liberians-both in and out of Liberia.

So I decided to do another this year, highlighting more Made In Liberia products that I have personally sampled as well as others tried by friends who positively reviewed them.

As we go into the holiday season, I urge all to please be deliberate about supporting small businesses. These businesses not only provide jobs for others, but also source a majority of their raw materials from other local small businesses which in turn, provides income for others.

In addition to food products which I mentioned previously, I am also listing a few other service oriented businesses.

Note that this is not a paid advertisement post, rather one to not only share information about quality made in Liberia products, but also just highlight the budding business environment being led by Liberians. Especially young Liberians. Listed in no particular order, here are a few to explore:

Brisco Natural Coffee & Tea

They have been producing Liberian coffee and tea for several years. They grow the liberica coffee beans, which are really good and one of the rarest type of coffee grown in the world and is native to Liberia.

They are the only farm that grows and produces coffee and coffee products sold in Liberia.


Fresh To Go

Owned by Amanda Hill, Fresh To GO has processed and packaged benni seeds, pepper, smoked shrimps and Fish. Her bite sized smoked fish chunks are the perfect midafternoon protein snack. Every time I buy her smoked fish, I eat it all in one go, after telling myself I will eat it sparingly over time.

You can find her products in several supermarkets around town.

Contacts: Phone: 077 065 1990 social page: @myfreshtogo 

Bissap Natural Drink

Locally made and quite fresh. They also have ginger soursop!

I had an event in Ganta, Nimba County and saw this drink at a local restaurant. I decided to try it and really liked it. Also, it didn’t taste too tangy nor was it too sweet. I was tempted to add small John’s St. Paul’s Rum to it and see how that would taste.

Roasted Cashew Nuts from Pisota Agricultural Industries

I sampled this product and really liked it. Fresh. Crunchy. Tasty. My family was on a road trip and bought these as travel snacks. They were so good that we ate nearly all of it before even leaving Monrovia.

Jimmy’s Chips

I first tried Jimmy’s chips in early January 2021 and I instantly liked it. Made with sweet potato chips and flavored with paprika. I also like that it wasn’t too oily nor was it overly spicy.

@jimmysnacks231 077 631 2404 jimmychips231@humanresourcesolutionslib

Pure Harvest Dish Washing Soap

Hands down, my favorite dish washing soap. I foams well, gets rid of grease and is affordable. The packaging is also attractive. You can find it in most stores now and I understand they also deliver if you are purchasing in bulk.

Wungko’s Chips

Crunchy plantain chips. They have salted and unsalted. What I like most about their chips is that it seems to have NO OIL or so little oil. Makes for a nice afternoon snack and I have taken to placing a bag in my kids’ lunch bag most days they are going to school.

Wunka chips +231 55 511 0826 social media : @wungkofarm 

Sandy’s Naturals

I had been seeing ads about Sandy’s Naturals and owned by someone I know, I decided to try her products. Her candles burns really nicely and the fragrance was strong and long lasting. I bought the beard cream for my husband and he loved it a lot and has been using her grooming products ever since.

She makes all of the products herself and strives to use as minimal chemicals as possible. She has a line of products for skin, hair and home.  

Mako’s Fruits

Mako makes fruit smoothies, fruit plates and has a variety of in-season fruits which she cleans and cuts up and has available at stands located around Monrovia as well as the Royal Hotel.

She also has a variety of fresh juices that she makes such as Sour sop, cucumber, watermelon, etc.

Try her strawberry banana smoothie. Thank me later.

@makosfruits 077 811 7562

Liberia Pure

Starting off producing mostly honey, this firm is run by 2 Liberians. Their honey has received great reviews locally as well as internationally. They have also received an international commendation few years back. The company has now expanded its products to soap, , social: @purelyliberian, 077 774 6639

Redimere Chocolate

Redimere is a Liberian-owned cocoa processing company in Ganta, Nimba County. They sell dark chocolate bars, cocoa powder and cocoa chips in most supermarkets throughout Monrovia. 

I like that their chocolate bars aren’t too sugary and that I can enjoy it without worrying too much about the calories. The fact the cocoa is also grown here in Liberia, makes it seem all the more “sweeter”.

Try their chocolate chips in your pastries. 077 020 9039,

Fabrar Rice

Fabrar produces locally grown rice including Liberian “country” and red rice. It is sold in most supermarkets around Monrovia. Looking to eat healthy? Try Fabrar’s rice. I particularly like it cooked as “dry rice”… add the Fresh To Go benny seeds and you will clear that bowl in one go! @fabrarliberia, 077 632 2727,

The Snack Shop

In 2020, the Snack Shop debuted and introduced the Kala Mix”. In 2021, they introduced a few new products which are just incredible. Enter the Gari Mix. Lawd have mercy. Bundled in one package are peanuts, milk, sugar and crunchy gari. All you need to do, is add water.

I tried it earlier in August and really liked it. then I tried the gari and coconut chips mix. All I will say is that it’s a must try and must have. I keep a few packs around my office to snack on -dry or with water- when I am unable to go out to have lunch. Keep innovating Snack Shop! @snackshop1847  +231 77 047 8685

Kernel Fresh

Kernel Fresh continues to innovate and expand its product lines.

In the last year, they have introduced beard grooming products, African Black Soap -both liquid and bars-, and other skin care products.

Kernel Fresh 2021 Special Box – J-Palm Kernel Fresh – Liberia (

This section covers clothing and other service based businesses owned and operated by Liberians.

Monsio Coutre Fashion House

Although not a new company, Monsio Couture has stood the test of time and has steadily grown into a recognizable and sought after clothing brand over the years.

Her outfits are worn by many Liberians across a wide spectrum and has been a trailblazer in introducing new fashion in Liberia.

She recently added a training component to her business where she provides on the job fashion design training to girls from underprivileged background.

She has several outlets in Monrovia and at the Roberts International Airport. 088 682 7849,

Peppa Jar
Although started in America, the children’s clothing company was started by a Liberian, Gwatoh Kroma whose love for richness, diversity of African fashion and fabrics led her to carve her niche in this area of African fashion.

Recently relocated to Liberia, the company currently sources most of its fabrics from Liberia and other West African countries and is intentional about not only showcasing customary clothing for youth but also to refashion the global definition of personalized-style by incorporating African culture and stories into her outfits.


Bloh Kon Dahlor

Bloh Kon Dahlor is a Ready to Wear Brand made in Liberia that has popularize the infusion of the Liberian “country cloth” fabric with traditional African wax print and western fabrics to create a unique brand of fashion.

Bloh Kon Dahlor, meaning “ woman with a suitcase of fabrics”, or “woman who loves clothes”, made its debut into the fashion scene in 2020 and in the short time has become quite well known for her unique pieces made from the West African mudcloth., @blohkondahlor

Curated Gifts Shop Liberia

Looking for cultural gift items? Curated Gifts is the place to visit.

Curated Gift Shop is a Liberian, woman-owned business committed to sharing the beauty and diversity of African art locally, at an affordable price.

Each item in the store has been hand-selected to represent the unique art and culture from the corners of our African continent, expressed through the work of artisans.

Our products bring the glorious expanse of Africa close to you, right here where you are! We’ve priced most of our items below US$50 to make sure you can afford more of what you love.

We hope you enjoy your Curated Gift, thank an artisan and think of Africa!

Email:, Facebook:

Instagram:, Contact number: 0886397041 / 0779899424 Location: Rehab Road, Paynesville. Adjacent the Total Gas Station

Lappa Queen

Lappa Queen has also been around for a while and I have made some really nice outfits with her. Her attention to details and concerns about customer satisfaction has endeared me to the brand over the years. Lappa Queen has been good at creating free flowing and comfortable outfits for working women.  

077 622 5811,,

Tete’s Afro Interiors

TAI was founded by a young Liberian scholar, Tete to “reinvent interior decors and home designs”. Using mostly African wax fabric materials, Tete’s Interiors creates throw pillows, comforters, placemats, etc.

077 575 5906,,

Dry Season Baby

Dry season baby is a clothing line that also focuses on children’s clothing. Started by Erika Hill, this new fashion company uses a mixture of tye-dye and Ankara wax fabrics to create unique pieces for kids under 12 years old. She also carries products made by other Liberian businesses such as Henries farms, Jola House, etc. Contact: 0775451387. Located Duport road, around the Alex Cummings Model school.

Providence Television

Owned and operated by Lovetta Sendolo, providence Television made its debut during the COVID19 pandemic to provide quality news coverage to people both in and out of Liberia. It is an online tv that specializes in live streaming events like funerals, weddings, parties, rallies, induction, etc. with distinction, and make your event colorful, unique, and delightful. We also promote businesses.

@providencetelevision1, Contact 0777515198

2 thoughts on “Made In Liberia 2021

  1. I believe supporting Liberian businesses is key to building Liberia and we need to do this more. Of the products listed, I personally love the Pisota cashews and am sincerely proud of the fact that it’s available to ordinary Liberians. It’s affordable and can be accessible by anyone. I buy them every week 😝😝😝😝Thanks so much for the article 😘😘😘

  2. I’m happy I stumbled upon this. I have been living abroad for a very long time. My heart is and will always be home. I usually share such treasures with my kids who were born here. I am hoping to bring then home soon, so that they can experience the culture and connect with family. Liberia will be built by Liberians. So this is a step in the right direction

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