Women in Leadership in Rural Liberia

In a male dominated society and culture like that of Liberia, it is not often that we see women assuming traditionally held male positions. You hear about and see women having such positions more in the urban areas in offices and companies. Even then….

Posing with Chief Rachel

A short while ago, I was actually amazed and excited to meet Chief Rachel Wea in Panwloh Town, Grand Gedeh county.

Chief Rachel (she insisted I called her Ma Rachel) is the first female town chief I have had to honor to meet after visiting several communities in several counties in Liberia.

I was wowed that a woman holds such a high leadership position in a region that is known for a high rate of sexual and gender based violence against women and girls.

Ma Rachel told me that she was elected by the entire town about 5 years ago because she is “hardworking and like judging plawa business”.

She is a farmer and grows plantains, bananas, bitter-balls and rice which she sells to help sustain her family. She has 9 “living children”, 7 boys and 2 girls.

Stern warning to the photographer “Get my good side”

She had make me promise to send her a copy of this photo to keep to remember our meeting, and, a promise is a debt. She is so energetic and full of life! I was just blown away.

I asked her husband if he had a problem with his wife being the head of the town and he said “but if she Town Chief, then I’m Chairman, so I got power too!”

I am told there is another village further down the road that also has a female Town Chief.

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